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Digi International is a recognized supplier of broadly understood Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity solutions. The portfolio includes 3G, LTE and 5G Ready routers for offices or points of sales, dedicated to industrial systems (ISC, SCADA) exposed to adverse environmental conditions, such as temperature, shock, dust, as well as dedicated to supporting logistics fleets, equipped with a GSM module and a cryptographic processor. Digi’s solutions give priority to ensuring continuous connectivity, which is why the routers have high-availability features, such as two LTE modems and two SIM slots. Digi’s portfolio also includes USB and serial communication hubs (RS232/422/428), converters and terminal servers, which along with LTE routers will enable participation in the IoT revolution.



Description of technology

Network switches

USB/Serial Concentrators - Terminal servers – Secure out-of-band management of network and server equipment. LAN/Serial converters – Serial (RS-232/422/428) over network connectivity with industrial protocol support. USB/Serial converters - Serial (RS-232/422/428) over USB connectivity. Easy, Plug and Play solution for COM port expansion. USB Hubs - Network-attached USB hubs, USB peripheral devices access from a PC from remote or virtual hosts.


LTE ROUTERS - Internet access through LTE, 3G, 5G Ready networks, where wired connection is not possible or to expensive. Secure connection between sites using IPSec VPN tunnels. LTE routers equipped with dual SIM slots or dual cellular modules to achieve high availability. Wide range of routers dedicated for small offices, points of sale, critical systems and industrial applications, certified for for shock, vibration, temperature, and dedicated for transportation aplications with onboard WLAN, GPS and cryptographic co-processor. Local and central management using Digi Remote Manager.

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