Remote work security fundamentals


Remote work is currently the only opportunity for many companies to continue their everyday business.

The companies were surprised and at this point are implementing remote work solutions in a hurry.

What can You do not to become a  victim to a cyber attack? Security experts know very well that there are too many attack vectors to address this need easily.

There are nine remote work security fundamentals:

  • EDR - computer protection, including control of employees' private computers,
  • MDM - protection of mobile devices, including control of employees' private smartphones,
  • VPN - control and protection of employees' remote access to IT services in the company network,
  • SIEM / UEBA - detection of security incidents and other activities of cyber criminals,
  • User Authentication - strong VPN user atuhentication,
  • PAM -  control and protection of remote privileged access to critical systems,
  • Backup - backups of data and systems that can suffer in case of cyber attacks,
  • SecurityAwareness trainings - employees education, building awareness of cyber threats,
  • Security audit - a practical assessment of the remote access security to an organization's network.

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