CyberArk in CLICO Adriatic Distribution Portfolio


In April 2020 CyberArk and value-added distributor, CLICO, have confirmed an extended distribution agreement adding CLICO Adriatic as a territory of mutual cooperation.


CLICO — a specialized, value-added distributor of innovative solutions with almost 30 years of market experience, is pleased to announce a partnership with CyberArk extended to region of Adriatic which will enable the local distribution of advanced technologies in the area of  PAS (Privileged Account Security)

The companies signed an exclusive distribution agreement. Under the agreement, the CLICO Adriatic portfolio has been enriched with CyberArk solutions.

 CLICO — a specialized, value-added distributor that since 1991 has been effectively introducing and promoting innovative solutions of global market leaders among Central and Eastern Europe countries. In the beginning of second quarter of 2020, CLICO Adriatic finalize and the agreement with CyberArk and included in its distribution portfolio a provider of PAS (Privileged Account Security) and PTA (Privileged Threat Analytics).

 “Privileged access management is decisive when it comes to cybersecurity. Industry analysts (on top with Gartner) identify PAM as a top priority for security and risk management executives, that is why we are happy to announce that CyberArk – the leader in PAM area is from now available in CLICO Adriatic distribution portfolio. Every organisation must thoroughly control access to privileged accounts, credentials and all secrets to minimize vulnerabilities and reduce huge business risks. – says Dragomir Jevtic, Country Manager for CLICO Adriatic.

 „We can say that organisation, even though different and unique, can be easily attacked just by following few steps. Firstly by gaining unauthorized access to privileged account credentials, secondly by traversing the network and searching for high-value targets, finally by using elevated privileges to steal confidential information. CyberArk enables every organisation to think like a hacker would do and by this help to strengthen their security and defend against the three techniques attackers typically use to access privileged accounts, steal data and take down whole systems” – says Hrvoje Delić, CyberArk Business Development Manager for CLICO Adriatic


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